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Register with HCAI only if your facility is currently treating an auto insurance claimant or is applying for a FSCO Service Provider License. Unlicensed and unused accounts will be automatically end dated (deactivated) 3 months after the start date.

If you require registration of a new HCAI account, instructions can be found on www.hcaiinfo.ca within the New to HCAI section in the Health Care Facility/Provider portal.

If your health care facility is already registered with HCAI and has changed its name, you do not need to register a new HCAI account. Instead, simply sign-in to your existing account and update your facility name.

For information on how to change the name of your health care facility, update your Authorizing Officer, or for any other facility or user management questions after enrolment, visit the Web Facility Management page on www.hcaiinfo.ca.

**Important information about FSCO Service Provider Licensing**
A FSCO Service Provider Licence is obtained directly from FSCO once your HCAI facility is registered. For information on how to obtain a Service Provider Licence go to https://www.fsrao.ca/licensing/health-service-providers.
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